We’re getting to a point where every actor needs a reel. My look and type has changed dramatically over the years, and I’m currently building a library of projects and subsequent reel that can provide a better sense of what I do - especially my newest short, Guardian Veritas, currently in post-production. Until that comes together, here’s a few on-camera projects I’ve done.

This is my 2015 short action film, CHARGER. It’s shot in a single take with no whip-pans or other sleight-of-hand, and it is almost all action, clocking in at five minutes without credits. It’s the first film I ever made, and I jumped way into the deep end. But I had a great team around me and we got it done. There’s really not much else out there like it, and I remain really proud of the team’s work, especially the lead actress, Stephanie Andrews - now a SAG-AFTRA stunt performer! You’re going to want to wait until she comes in… it’s a hell of an entrance.

These two shorts are from my earliest days in Chicago, and they’re close to my heart. I did them with the fine folks at Funemployed Chicago.  Ted Evans asked me to come do fight choreography and I wound up being in ARCADE FIRE HIPSTER ATTACK, then some time later we shot the follow up, BON IVER IS NOT BONNY BEAR.  Great people, huge fun, furry hats.  You can't lose.